Andy Pond & The CX-1 Blackhole Bluegrass Boyz CD

The first "solo" album from the Snake Oil Medicine Show banjo player is a smorgasbord of talent! Each song on this CD features a different lineup of musicians. Mostly instrumental, the music itself is undescribable, with influences from Middle Eastern music, newgrass, dixieland, jazz, and electric rock, to name a few. Recorded at Tree Sound Studios by Robert Hannon, it's a wild romp through psychedelic Appalachia and freakish hillbilly jazz!

The band includes Jay Sanders and Jeremy Saunders, formerly of Acoustic Syndicate, George and Caroline Pond of Snake Oil, plus Larry Keel, Jason Krekel, Sean Foley, Billy Seawell, Gaines Post, and more!

1- Saffelitis mp3
2- Autumnal Homage mp3
3- Ain't Got Time Fer Time mp3
4- Boneman Connection mp3
5- Staphylos Breakdown mp3
6- Creek Come Risin' mp3
7- Fudd Up mp3
8- The Heat Remus mp3
9- Hoedown In Hades mp3
10- Pugilist mp3
11- Flash mp3
12- To Monty mp3
13- When You Wish Upon Asteros mp3
14- Piedmont Squirrel Rag