Amy Hendrickson & the Prime Directive CD


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Thank you for your interest in the unique sounds of Amy Hendrickson & the Prime Directive. This six song EP is well worth your time and money as each song showcases the band's creative versatility. Various genres of music such as: folk, rock, funk, alternative, jazz, blues and psychedelic experimentation are all represented on this one-of-a-kind musical journey. The lyrics are meaningful and heart-felt. The instrumentation has emotion and passion. This EP will also be marketable to all walks of life regardless of gender or age. The band has received tons of local, national and international radio airplay with rave reviews. Look for the next release of their opening set for the Wallflowers at the Florida Theatre. You and your patrons are sure to enjoy the debut of this band from the rich and diverse music scene of Saint Augustine, Florida USA

AH&tPD mission statement: "To create a tidal wave of serotonin."

Track List
1. Gold Dust Man listen
2. November Rain listen
3. The Hydra listen
4. Who Are You listen
5. Betterside listen
6. The Pancake Theory listen

Released August 2009