Aaron Ferguson - Children of the Stars CD


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Released in the fall of 1999 Aaron Ferguson's,"Children of the Stars" is the first CD release from one of this eras most under the radar Psychedelic Rock artists.The CD contains 9 tracks and features superb songwriting, some smoken' guitar playing by Chris Taylor and a 3 piece horn section. This CD is already a classic rock album that still carries that psychedelic vibe from the late 1980's trough the 1990's.

Track List:

Track #1. Children Of The Stars listen
Track #2. Jackey Brown listen
Track #3. The Reckoning listen
Track #4. On The Run listen
Track #5. High Above The World listen
Track #6. Season To Believe listen
Track #7. Around In Time listen
Track #8. The Signs listen
Track #9. Reality listen


Originally released in 1999.