Dark Star Jubilee 2014 - Photos & Review

Check out the great photos and review from Robbi Cohn

Dark Star Jubilee’s inaugural event was three years ago. The first year brought torrential rains and the stage sank. Last year an arctic front blew through and temperatures hovered in the 30’s and 40’s. They say the third is charmed and this was certainly the case this year: warm but not hot, big puffy clouds, but no rain. We were truly blessed as we met at the jubilee.

The musical menu was nothing short of spectacular. The Wailers brought a reggae groove; Anders Osborne absolutely rocked the house; the Rumpke Mountain Boys soothed our souls with lively bluegrass; band after band gave their best to a delighted crowd of between three and five thousand happy heads.

Other musical offerings included Everyone Orchestra, Keller Williams, the Werks, Yonder Mt String Band, Toubab Krewe, Galactic, and, of course, three days of the incredible Dark Star Orchestra. Friday night’s show included an AMAZING “Morning Dew” which bought everyone to a fevered pitch and left me speechless.

Can we top this next year? I’m betting that Tim Walther and Dark Star Orchestra won’t disappoint us

Photos by Robbi Cohn (website)