The Avett Brothers - Emotionalism CD

Aptly named, these artists introduce listeners to their “emotional” sides on this new, 14 track album. Due to be released on May 12th, “Emotionalism” sports songs with names such as “Shame,” “The Ballad of Love and Hate,” “Living of Love” and “Paranoia in Bb Major”. This CD has a masterful blend of the light and airy tune to the most despondent of ballads. The lyrics are heart felt, truthful and can hit uncannily close to home. The three members of this talented group of artists, Scott and Seth Avett, along with bassist Bob Crawford, did well with this one.
Instrumentally, the talent is superb. Unlike the Avett Brothers' unbelievable live performances, where there is much foot stomping and gut-wrenching screaming, the instruments can be heard more distinctly on this studio album; Bob on his bass, the twanging of Scott's banjo, the strumming of Seth's guitar. They do have some extra talent on the CD, as well, with Paleface, Monica Samalot, Donny Herron and Joe Kwon, among many others, contributing on different tracks. Piano, cello and harmonica seem to help this great collection be even better. Artists in every sense of the word, the Avett Brothers take their work seriously. On an outrageous tour schedule, which you can find on their website,, this group is gaining in popularity by the day. With an appearance on The Conan O'Brian show to help promote the new album, the Avett Brothers are sure to get even "bigger". Definitely one to get for the new listener, as well as the most seasoned of Avett fans, "Emotionalism" will fail to disappoint. Listening to the album, one can hear songs about finding love, unrequiting love, homesickness and heartbreak, among others. Vocally intricate, Seth and Scott take turns with the vocal lead throughout most of the songs, one backing up the other along with Bob, causing the music to seem to weave intricate patterns among the sound waves, until it finds its way into someone's ears, hooking yet another fan... - by Jennifer Harp