Sim Redmond Band - Each New Day CD

Each New Day, Sim Redmond Band's fifth disc is a joyful celebration to the optimistic sprit of life.
Helping carry the sprit forward are new co-lead female vocalist Jen Middaugh, whose full vocal range shines throughout the tracks, and long time SRB friend, Nate "Silas" Richardson. Silas' floating organ rifts and vocal harmony combine to bring a fullness of sound to the band. Central to the whole project are the beautifully crafted songs written and sung by Sim Redmond. Sim invites us into a world of hope, trust and possibility. The possibility that each new day brings despite whatever negativity we may encounter. The opening track "Pink Guitar" and the fourth track, "Potholes" being superb examples that there is choice, choice to find joy in this messed up world. Least one get the idea that this is vision through hippy-rose colored glasses, each tune is finely crafted and layered musically and vocally. Sim's pleading voice co-mingles with Jordan Aceto's lead lines, drawing the listener in. There is a sense of a larger picture of the world, to that end, the band continues to represent their world citizen mind frame with great roots rock jams such as the Asa Redmond/Dan Merwin composition "Ngoma" as well as the ode to the Japanese Yankee's "Hashin Tigers". Pick this disc up, come on, you're due a little "ray of sunshine".

- Jed Metzger