Maktub - Say What You Mean CD

The best rock and soul album of the year with the best soul singer in America (at least until Mike Mattison of the Derek Trucks Band releases another CD).

Lead singer Reggie Watts has vocals that are a great blend of Love's Arthur Lee and Seal combined with a force that Lenny Kravitz aspires but falls short due to derivative song choices. Watts is supported by an experienced band led by Thaddeus Turner who plays minimalist guitar and shock rock crunch. Davis Martin on drums and Kevin Goldman on bass offer requisite solid anchor and rhythm while Daniel Spils adds smart keys and guitar. "Say What You Mean" is the best Al Green song in years and, you know, this hook was written by Maktub. "Blown Away" starts with the sound of a human heartbeat and Spils on organ. Watts silently intones a soft passage, which builds to a cool reverb climax. "Feel Like Another One" is sweet garage cock rock. "Nobody Loves You Like I Do" is the best single of the year. Buy this CD; invite your girlfriend over (boyfriend, whateva), turn up the volume, turn out the lights and, man, I don't need to tell you what to do...

-- Randy Ray