Umphrey's McGee has been arranging and performing original mashups live for over eight years. It was only a matter of when, not if, some of those innovative concoctions would find their way into a studio. And that when has arrived. 

UM is pleased to announce ZONKEY, an album of 12 unique mashups, conceived, arranged & executed by the band. ZONKEY is as seamless as it bizarre, playful as it is razor sharp. Bits and pieces of classic songs are culled from 40+ years of popular music from 70's Reggae to 80's Pop to 90's Metal and everywhere in between. From Radiohead mashed with Beck, The Weekend with Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads with Bob Marley, Metallica with Gorillaz....nothing is off limits. 

"ZONKEY clearly pays homage to some of our favorite artists & songs. While we've tried to reproduce the spirit of the original compositions & recordings, we've also tried to have some fun with the structure as we've often combined seemingly dissimilar musical elements to create a new vibe altogether," notes keyboardist Joel Cummins.

Track Listing:

  1. National Loser Anthem
  2. Life During Exodus
  3. Can't Rock My Dream Face
  4. Sad Clint Eastwood
  5. Electric Avenue To Hell
  6. Ace of Long Nights
  7. Sweet Sunglasses
  8. Strangletage
  9. Come As Your Kids
  10. Frankie Zombie
  11. Bulls on the Bus
  12. Bittersweet Haj

Release Date: 11.18.16


Funk and soul quartet The Nth Power are proud to announce the release of their dynamic new record, Live To Be Free, on November 11, 2016. The band recorded the nine-track album in July during two nights of intimate live performances in Boston, MA and one night in the band's hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Seven songs on the album represent new material for the band.

The Nth Power's gospel-style vocals along with their soul, jazz, funk and world-beat riffs create a sound and experience that is made for a live show. At the request of their fans, the band decided to capture that energy on their latest record. The result is an album that exudes the intimacy and organic quality of a live performance paired with the profound talent of four powerhouse musicians: Nikki Glaspie (vocals, drums); Nate Edgar (bass); Nick Cassarino (vocals, guitar); and Courtney J. Mell Smith (vocals, keyboards).

"When we recorded [our debut full-length album], Abundance, we wanted to have a clean studio approach to our music; to hear it done right and done crisp," says Nick Cassarino. "Since that release, we have been touring heavily for a year straight, and we have seen that when performed live, our energy and message seem to translate more fluidly to our audience." To Be Free reflects that natural connection between performers and fans, representing the band's sound in its truest state. "Every song is a journey, a story, a feeling, and an experience that we are honored to share with you," shares Cassarino.

The band has also released a video featuring "Take My Soul", a standout blues track from the album which was filmed live in Boston at The Bridge Sound & Stage. ""Take My Soul" is an extremely powerful song that tells a story about a runaway slave that has surrendered his soul to God as he is being pursued by his adversary," says Nikki Glaspie. "The music is based in the blues tradition, of which, every member in the Nth Power respects and holds dear as an undeniable American Root." Watch a preview for "Take My Soul" HERE.

Watch the video for "Truth".

Track List:

  1. Freedom listen
  2. Truth listen
  3. Joy listen
  4. Right Now listen
  5. Could It Be listen
  6. Thirsty listen
  7. More & More listen
  8. Home listen
  9. Take My Soul listen
  10. Truth (radio edit) listen

Release date 11.11.2016


On their third studio album Sir Nebula, TAUK tap into their singular chemistry to elevate and expand their all-instrumental blend of funk, hip-hop, progressive rock, and jazz. Revealing both their refined musicality and unbridled creativity, the Oyster Bay, New York-bred rock-fusion four-piece (guitarist Matt Jalbert, bassist Charlie Dolan, keyboardist/organist Alric "A.C." Carter, and drummer Isaac Teel) push into new sonic terrain and build entire worlds within each richly textured soundscape. 

From the hazy atmospherics of "Time's Up" and soaring riffs of "Program Select" to the urgent rhythms of 'Shenanigans" and sprawling melodies of "Where You Are," Sir Nebula finds TAUK introducing a cosmically inspired element to their music.

"The album ended up taking on a more ambient kind of vibe than anything we've done before, there's a spaciness in the songs that lets you get lost in the sound," says Dolan. And while the album is endlessly hypnotic, TAUK also deliver the dynamic tension-and-release jams that have helped earn them a devoted following while drawing critical acclaim (the Washington Post, for one, praised TAUK for "creating a hard-charging, often melodic fusion that, thanks to a penchant for improv, offers limitless possibilities."  

Throughout Sir Nebula, the follow-up to their 2015 live double album HEADROOM, TAUK allow a more free-form, instinct-guided approach to steer their music into bold new directions. "With this record, we felt more comfortable in the studio and got to a new level where we were able to constantly feed off each other, so there was a lot of spur-of-the-moment improvisation that really helped shape the album," says Jalbert. Adds Carter: "We made a point of trying to express ourselves freely and take risks even when that felt challenging and scary, instead of holding ourselves back and possibly taking something away from the songs." 

At the same time, TAUK sharpened their songwriting to craft more intricately layered arrangements and powerfully intense grooves. As with their past four releases, TAUK created Sir Nebula in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning producer/mixer/engineer Robert Carranza (The Mars Volta, Ozomatli, Jack Johnson, Taj Mahal). But in a departure from their previous work, the band made the album in one concentrated period rather than spacing the recording sessions out in between tours. Holing up at the Solar Powered Plastic Plant in Los Angeles, often pulling 12-hour workdays, TAUK ultimately found the revamped recording process hugely beneficial. 

"Everything just happened so naturally this time around," says Jalbert. "I can't think of one moment where it felt like anything was forced. We were all just completely focused and in the same mindset, which made it this incredibly fun and smooth experience."

TAUK's creative connection traces back to childhood, when longtime friends Dolan, Jalbert, and Carter formed their first band in seventh grade and held practice in their school basement. After playing together in various projects over the years, the trio brought Teel into the fold in 2012, cementing the final lineup. 

"We gelled pretty quickly as friends and as musicians, and now there's a connection onstage that's unspoken," notes Teel. "You just feel it from the energy within the band and from the response coming from the crowd, all these people in the same exact headspace."
Since their formation, TAUK have shared stages with an impressive list of bands (including Widespread Panic, Umphrey's McGee, Lettuce, and Tim Reynolds & TR3), in addition to appearing at festivals like Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, and The Allman Brothers' Peach Music Festival. That rigorous touring schedule has gone a long way in strengthening their chemistry. It's also helped TAUK develop a reputation as a masterful live act: "TAUK is unstoppable," raved Live for Live Music. "If you haven't see them, do."

Track Listing:

  1. Horizon    4:16 listen
  2. Informant    5:06 listen
  3. Time's Up    5:17 listen
  4. Program Select    6:29 listen
  5. Rainwalk    6:25 listen
  6. Waver    6:39 listen
  7. Resolve    4:23 listen
  8. Darkwing    8:25 listen
  9. Where You Are    4:55 listen
  10. Shenanigans    5:26 listen
  11. Flashback    6:57 listen
  12. Sunshine Harry    5:27 listen


Release date: 09.16.2016


In their relentless pursuit of progressive, improvisation-infused rock, The Mantras once again prove expertise in their seamless blend of genre-busting synchronicity. The spectrums conquered on "Knot Suite" run the gamut from arena rock to blues, ambient instrumental electronica to funk-dance and metal. The Mantras have sustained momentum with fans for over a decade with their irresistible live performances across the nation, and their latest album "Knot Suite" offers listeners a cohesive, sonic snapshot of their unique signature sound.

Track List:

  1. Here We Go 06:04 listen
  2. Knot Suite 05:01 listen
  3. All You Here 05:23 listen
  4. Silas Brown 05:33 listen
  5. DirtNap 05:30 listen
  6. Strongbox 07:06 listen
  7. Destroyer 06:54 listen

Released September 2016


Known for their "ass shaking good time" live performances (Relix), Asheville, North Carolina's The Get Right Band announces the release of their brand new album, Who's in Charge?, out August 5. The Get Right Band combine clever and catchy lyrics with fearless improvisation, seamlessly blending elements of rock n' roll, funk, reggae and psychedelia. The Alternate Root has praised the trio for "hip-shaking, earthquaking, pure funk fun," and music fans can catch them on the road beginning in June 2016 right through this fall.

The Get Right Band is built on the musical brotherhood between Silas Durocher, a classically trained composer, and bassist, Jesse Gentry. With the addition of Jian-Claude Mears, a powerhouse drummer, GRB rounded out their sound. Who's in Charge? is produced by frontman Durocher (vocals, guitar), Julian Dreyer and The Get Right Band. Recorded in their hometown of Asheville at Echo Mountain Studio (The Smashing Pumpkins, T-Bone Burnett), the LP was engineered and mixed by Dreyer who has worked with The Avett Brothers and Zac Brown Band. It was mastered by six-time Grammy winner Brian Lucey known for his work with The Black Keys and Beck.

The Get Right Band is known for helping to "make Asheville's music scene so vibrant and exciting" (Martin Anderson, WNCW). The trio has performed on the renowned World Cafe, a nationally syndicated NPR show, and was named "Best New Band" of 2015 by Home Grown Music Network and "On The Verge" by Relix.

The Get Right band has played around the United States and the Caribbean with an energetic and unparalleled live show, and have played festivals and venues including Nashville's Music City Roots TV Show, Asheville's The Orange Peel, Savannah's Live Wire, FloydFest and more. They've also had the honor of sharing the stage with well-known acts including Galactic, Rusted Root, Victor Wooten Band, Martin Barre (of Jethro Tull), Turkuaz, Mike Dillon Band, Jeff Sipe Trio, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, Jeff Coffin's Mutet, Larry Keel, and Bobby Lee Rodgers.

Track List:

  1. Who's in Charge? listen
  2. Interlude #1 listen
  3. Requiem for the Chemical Memory listen
  4. Beginner's Love listen
  5. Belt Loops listen
  6. Munitions Man listen
  7. Treat You Like listen
  8. Motivation listen
  9. Interlude #2 listen
  10. Somebody Help Me listen
  11. Heartbreak Kid listen
  12. Write This Song For You listen
  13. Interlude #3 listen
  14. If I Forget listen

Release date 08.05.2015


Produced by Lettuce and Soulive guitarist Eric Krasno, Totem was written collectively by the seven members of the band.  The future of funk music is clear on Totem; each song is steeped in The Motet's signature style that slaps you in the face with sounds that are fresh and unique. 

Earlier this year, The Motet announced the addition of singer Lyle Divinsky, who fans the flames of this already hot band. "There was a month and a half between the time I joined the band and when we went into the studio," explains Divinsky. "I wound up writing the lyrics and melodies to four songs, and re-wrote the lyrics to two. It gave me and the band an opportunity to really connect musically. We're deeply proud of this album and it's very exciting to have this new material to push out as we begin this next phase of The Motet's journey."
The Motet began in 1998 in Denver, Colorado, where the band's then-rotating cast of musicians amassed an enthusiastic and loyal throng of hometown fans. Taking their infectious dance parties on the road about three years ago, the band has seen their national fan base has been growing exponentially ever since. Today, their shows sell out from coast to coast at such venues as Red Rock's Amphitheatre, Brooklyn Bowl, Chicago's Park West, The Independent in San Francisco, Tipitina's in New Orleans, Portland's Crystal Ballroom, and Variety Playhouse in Atlanta.  A favorite along the festival circuit, The Motet has performed at Electric Forest, Summer Camp, All Good Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, Bonnoroo, Peach Fest and many others. Be sure to catch them as they headline Red Rocks this summer on July 22nd with more dates confirmed below.
The Motet are Dave Watts (drums), Joey Porter (keyboards), Garrett Sayers (bass), Ryan Jalbert (guitar), Gabriel Mervine (trumpet), Garrett Sayers (bass), Lyle Divinsky (vocals), Drew Sayers (saxophone).

  1. The Truth listen
  2. Fool No More listen
  3. Know it Too Well listen
  4. Rippin' Herb listen
  5. Damn! listen
  6. Solar Plexus listen
  7. So High listen
  8. Cretan listen
  9. Danger listen
  10. Cloak and Dagger listen
  11. Back it Up listen
  12. Contraband listen

From 2000-2011 the prog/world/jam/jazz group Garaj Mahal toured heavily throughout North America. They built a significant fan base and headlined major events like FloydFest, High Sierra, and Smilefest. They released four critically acclaimed studio albums and even more live albums. Here we have their music reinvented, big band style along with founding member Fareed Haque!

"Time and time again I am struck by the power and lasting quality of the music of Garaj Mahal. Hippies, jazz heads and even professors can get with this amalgam of hip, funky, world music. Garaj Mahal: hip, educated, and worldly while being raw, honest and in the moment. When Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Jazz Director, Scott Belck, approached me at a gig about a Garaj Mahal big band album I thought he was joking at first. Then I realized this cat knew all our tunes! He seriously wanted to play our music arranged and performed by his orchestra!! Then debut it at Lincoln Center, play it all over the country, record an album. And here it is. So check this one out. The CCM Jazz Orchestra arranged and played this music with me and we had a blast performing and recording it. By the way, This record is meant to be played loud. Crank it up and enjoy!" - Fareed Haque

"Fareed Haque has been in the forefront of our instruments evolution for quite some time, and these recent recordings bring us up to date with an impact that's memorable." - Pat Martino

1. Chester the Pester 08:28 listen
2. The Shadow 07:29 listen
3. Hindi Gumbo 06:39 listen
4. Uneven Mantra 08:53 listen
5. A Fur Peace 07:41 listen
6. The Chant 07:00 listen
7. Alvin 05:20 listen
8. Witchdoctor 06:27 listen

Release date 05.13.2016


Even the most inspired and free-thinking artist, one whose celebrated command of his instrument and musical expression underscores a strong sense of fluidity and freedom within the traditional structure of American rock music, can wake up one day with the desire-the need, rather -to flip the table, reshuffle the deck, and raw fresh cards for himself. And so we find Steve Kimock, a master of small band improvisation and champion of the national rock and dance band circuit for four decades, breaking new ground with his latest solo effort, Last Danger of Frost.

Recorded in Kimock's century-old Pennsylvania barn last winter before a move back to California, Last Danger of Frost offers a daring personal expression that introduces innovative techniques the guitarist discovered in a solo setting. Kimock dismantles the rock band framework and takes a full stretch to create exploratory sounds and intimate compositions that may have been waiting to be revealed - or rediscovered - the whole time.

Track List:

  1. The Old Man listen
  2. Twelve is Good listen
  3. Big Sky listen
  4. Please Be Seated listen
  5. Invariant listen
  6. Surely This Day listen
  7. Surely This Day Reprise listen
  8. Tongue N' Groove listen
  9. The Artist Dies and Goes to Hell listen
  10. Last Danger of Frost listen
  11. My Favorite Number listen

Released 03.18.2016

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