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Posted by: Anonymous | February 28th, 2007
In a musical world increasingly beset by big business, big contracts and gloss, Eric Noble remains a simple man with an even simpler mission: spreading exceptional sounds, one concert at a time. His main...
Posted by: Robie | February 27th, 2007
Seepeoples provide the cathartic tension and release of improv stunts, but with a firmly grounded songwriting style and lyrical impetus. Hard-hitting political lyrics skitter over dreamy, moody, echo-laden...
Posted by: Robie | September 8th, 2006
It was an extreme pleasure to have these guys (and girl) pop my interviewing cherry. I had been holding out for the one special band and it was as magical as I had anticipated. They were so funny and it was so...
Posted by: Anonymous | July 20th, 2006
There are many musical groups and artists that leave an impression upon us, the listeners, at some point and time in our lives. Some of these help us through the hard times, while some cause us to remember the...
Posted by: Robie | July 7th, 2006
The magic and beauty of the FloydFest vision is unparalleled. The profound purpose of the organizers and staff shines from corner to corner of the experience. So jump on the Blue Ridge parkway and come on down...
avetts 2.jpg
Posted by: Anonymous | June 26th, 2006
After coming across this musically talented group via a CD from a friend a few months ago, I was on full course to becoming an “Avett Addict.” In investigating their website, buying every CD of theirs I could...
Posted by: Robie | June 9th, 2006
Patterson Hood of Athens, Georgia's Drive-By Truckers recently took time to speak with the Home Grown Music Network about the band's new release on New West Records A Blessing and A Curse, their...
Posted by: Robie | May 17th, 2006
Hailed as one of the most anticipated festival line-ups of the season, the Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival is set to descend upon Lawrence Kansas – that’s right, Kansas – June 8 through 11, at Clinton State...
Posted by: Robie | March 30th, 2006
A unique roots reggae influenced and dub heavy band, Dubconscious brings multiple vocalists and a solid jazz guitar to a worldly, ethnic and danceable base. Influences include King Tubby, Lee Perry, Burning...
Posted by: Robie | March 2nd, 2006
Delta Nove, a Long Beach, Calif.-based jazz/world funk band, self-dubbed an "Afro Samba World Funk Experience," derives their name from a metaphor meaning the manifestation of the mind through music.