Interview with Perpetual Groove

Perpetual Groove has built their reputation on intense, emotional jams and beguiling lyricism. The years of touring and performing their stratospherically aggressive songs have given birth to a new, bigger sound that fans refer to as "Trance Arena Rock."
Perpetual Groove:
Brock Butler (guitarist, lead vocals)
Adam Perry (bass)
Matt McDonald (keys)
Albert Suttle (percussion)

Interviewed by  - Courtney Enos

HGMN- What's it like going on tour together and then coming home to the same house?
Brock- It adds to the project. When we're tired and everything ,we come home and everyone can have their own space when they want it. We don't have to drive across town for rehearsal. I'll just usually say "Hey I've got a new idea for a tune, so lets work on it."

HGMN-Do you guys have any chores or do just make Huffer (the light guy) do them all?
Brock- (Laughs) Yeah right.
Adam- Matt does a lot of cleaning because he gets up early.
Matt- What do I do?
Adam- Cleaning.

HGMN- Overall were you pleased with the 5.1 tour? Did anything go drastically wrong? What worked better than planned?
Albert- Very pleased and I don't think anything went wrong.
Adam- It was just a lot of work.
Brock- 20/20 hindsight, we probably could have executed it with a little bit less equipment and it probably would have been more efficient. But uh, it was really efficient anyways. But we just had a little extra. Better to have too much and not enough, I guess. But we weren't saying that when we were loading the truck every night. (Laughs) We don't ever use this thing!  And we have to take it out every time!

HGMN- On the road, who has the most annoying bad habit?
Matt- What?!?
Albert- (Laughs)
Matt- I don't know man. Albert lays silent but nasty, nasty farts.
(Everyone laughs)
Adam-Oh, I would say...
Brock- Snoring Adam I would say for us.
Adam- Huffer snores way too loud and that's a little rough. Everyone snores. Even I snore.
Matt- Save it.
Brock- But that doesn't bother him.
Matt- I snore the least.

HGMN: What do you guys do in your spare time?
Brock-What is spare time?
Adam-Every time I search for the headiest grilled cheese possible. (Everyone laughs)
Matt-He means that.
Adam-We all watch TV and play music. I guess.
Albert-Video games.
Matt-I used to be able video games before Adam took the X-box to his room, Brock's X-box.
Adam-Well it's there to be taken anytime you guys want it.
(Adam goes to stand up)
Matt-Sit back down... The bands all getting in a fight now because of all these questions.

Matt-I'm just kidding.

HGMN -The name Perpetual Groove pretty much defines itself. Were there any other options you guys were thinking of when naming the band?
Brock- There were a couple of prototype names.
Brock- Elephant House.
Matt-(whispers) Tom Dick and Harry
Brock-Um, What was the other one Adam?
Adam-Slip Disc
Brock-Slip Disc (Laughs)

HGMN -What are some of your most current musical influences?
Adam-Flaming Lips, Wilco
Adam-Secret Machines
Matt-That's Slave Machines.

HGMN- What's the craziest thing you've done on stage? Or the craziest thing a fan had done?
Brock-This one girl handcuffed herself to Adam.
Matt-Yeah! (Everyone laughs) and that was funny. It was some birthday girl
Adam-No it's wasn't a birthday girl, it was a wedding girl.
Matt-Oh yeah, it was a bachlorette party.

HGMN- Do you guys have a most embarrassing moment on stage?
Matt-I fell on stage
Adam-I thought I uh, wet my pants one time but I didn't.
(Everyone laughs)
Matt-I was afraid I pooped once. It happened right at the beginning of a song and I had to wait until the end to go check myself. Ah, embarrassing moments on stage.

HGMN- Have you had any literary influences in the writing of your songs?
Adam:Douglas Adams
Brock:Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.
Brock:The Dao
Albert:Chuck Palahniuk

HGMN- So Albert, I've heard that you're a minister. Is that true?
Albert-(laughs) Well it was never officially confirmed but I did mail my application in.
Brock-Internet ordered.
Matt-Yeah, internet ordered. Universal Life Church.

HGMN- If you could go back and change something from the last album, what would it be?
Matt-I would probably make the record scratch at the end of...
Albert-...The Universe
Matt-The Universe, yeah. I would probably make it like 10 seconds shorter. 10 seconds, not much! Only 10 seconds.

HGMN- If you could add another band member, what instrument would they play?
Brock-the skin flute
(Everyone laughs)
Adam-Someone who's skilled in all string instruments.
Brock-One of the blue men from the blue man group on the PVC pipe
Adam-I would say the cello or violin player.
Matt-I would add a multi-instrumentalist.
Adam-Yeah, someone that can do a bunch of stuff.

HGMN- What is your favorite P.Groove song to play live?
Adam-I like playing Mr. Transistor, that's my favorite song live, personally.
Matt-Suburban Speedball.
Brock-It would change every time for me.
Albert-It would for me too.
Brock-Playing live, I'm partial to 3 weeks. I like that song. It means a lot to me. (sniffle sniffle)
(Everyone laughs)

HGMN- If you could share the stage with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
Brock- The Beatles, when Lennon was alive. Uh, Jim, Jim Morrison.
Adam-Jaco Pastorius. Well I wouldn't really share the stage with him. I'm a bass player myself.
Matt:(giggle) You're a bass player, I'm a bass player. Why don't you play bass for me... on my album.
Albert-Mine would probably be a little more obscure. I would like to be on stage with a symphony and Aaron Copeland.
Matt-Probably Herbie.