Interview with Keller Williams

Best known for his innovative live shows, energetic audience, and unconventional playing style. A self taught musician, he usually performs with an acoustic guitar connected to Gibson Echoplex Delay system.
Interview by: Austin Sheldon

HGMN:  I read on an internet news site that you had plans to film a concert DVD at two of your shows in Pennsylvania, but it wasn't on your official news page. Was there any truth in what I read, and if not, do you ever plan on releasing a DVD?
KELLER: Yes, I am currently working on a dvd project, it was recorded during a two night run at Mr. Smalls in Millvale ( Pittsburgh ) PA.

HGMN: Has anything crazy happened while on the road during this past fall tour?
KELLER: Yes, I had a little baby and my vagina is killing me. Fortunately I wasn't on the road or on tour but it was the fall.

HGMN: What is the craziest thing that a fan has ever done either on stage or to try and get your attention?
KELLER: It was in either Chicago or Charleston SC but a kid got on stage and did the doggie butt scoot across the stage. Twice. There is video footage.

What are some of your most recent musical influences?
KELLER: Steve Kimock, Martin Sexton, Ani Difranco, Charlie Hunter, Bobbie McFerrin, Fela Kuti, Bela Fleck

At a show in this fall tour I noticed that you played quite a bit of finger-style guitar, which I'd never really seen you do before. Why the change in style?
KELLER: I have been playing more fingerstyle guitar simply because I couldn't find a pick around my house and Charlie Hunter once said that he doesn't like any guitarist that uses a pick, and I want him to like me.

I saw your appearance on the program "My Coolest Years" on VH1. Was it a lot of fun doing the interview and reminiscing about the "good ol' days"?
KELLER: It was okay. I kept wondering if this was the right thing to be doing at the time and I was supposed to be a soundcheck in Chicago, so I wouldn't call it fun but interesting.

HGMN: Have there been any literary influences in the way that you write your songs?
KELLER: I am most influenced by the writer Rand McNally and I live by his book The Road Atlas.

HGMN: What is your favorite movie?
KELLER: 5th Element

HGMN: Do you ever enjoy just sitting around listening to your own albums, and if so, which album is your favorite?
KELLER: Normally I find things wrong with my CDs when I listen to them but I love to listen to Dance and Breathe and Laugh the most.

HGMN: Do you think that you might be touring with the String Cheese Incident again any time soon?
KELLER: If they ask, I'm there

HGMN: What is your most embarrassing moment?
KELLER:. I don't get embarrassed but if I did I wouldn't tell you because I would be embarrassed.

HGMN: What is your favorite cover song to play at a show to get the crowd's energy up?
KELLER: Currently it is "What I Got" by Sublime

HGMN: Are you excited about going on Jam Cruise 3? What was your favorite part of your first Jam Cruise?
KELLER: I was excited before I got on. My favorite part of the first Jamcruise was listening to the Disco Biscuits under a big balmy moon cruising through the ocean.

HGMN: How is it going with Earl having the "Beggin' Dog Barkery" as his official dog biscuit sponsor?
KELLER: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttt, they send him free dog biscuits that go great with peanut butter at parties.

HGMN: You played a whole lot of new material over the course of your fall tour. Are you working on a new album? How long do you think you'll keep us waiting for another great album?
KELLER: Yes I am working on a new album, its going to be of a very collaborative nature and therefore the logistics are tedious but I am excited to have this DVD project come out this year and maybe we will see a new studio record next year.

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