Home Grown goes solar!

This month we took another big step with the greening of our home/office/lives with the installation of a Solar Hot Water system.
solarpanelsHot water represents the second largest energy consumer in American households. A typical 80 gallon electric hot water tank serving a family of four will consume approximately 150 million BTUs in its seven year lifetime. This will cost approximately $3,600 (at $0.08 per KWH), not accounting for fuel cost increases. (According to the Arizona Solar Center)

Our system cost including installation was $6500. Federal and state tax incentives cut that amount in half. So basically we've got $3250 invested and will make that back in energy savings in under 7 years. Plus renewable technologies add value to the property but that extra value can't be taxed! Financially it's a no-brainer plus it's nice to know we're taking a giant step in the right direction for doing our part to reduce energy consumption.

If you've been keeping track of our prior greening articles you'll know we've set a goal to reduce our energy consumption by over 50%.  Click this link and scroll to the bottom for a tally on how we're doing so far.  

For those who want to know more please visit www.honeyelectricsolar.com.  They installed our system and have a great website that includes photos and illustrations on how the system works.

Want one of these systems yourself?  Visit www.FindSolar.com for qualified solar dealers & contractors in your area.

- by Lee Crumpton