HGMN Welcomes The Manhattan Project

Blowing up dance floors everywhere over the last year with their original sonic boomtronic sound.


Shawn Drogan - Drums and Electronics
Charlie Lindner - Keyboards and Synths

Since exploding on to the scene in 2010, The Manhattan Project has become one of the fastest growing live electronic duos in the north east. Selling out shows regionally, and with bands like Lotus, Conspirator and BioDiesel, they've gained national attention as a band on the rise. Drawing influences from house, dub, drum n bass, techno and lounge, The Manhattan Project brings sophistication to the dance floor with their original compositions, high energy beats and mind melting textures. Armed with an arsenal of keyboards, synths, electronic and acoustic percussion, they seamlessly merge analogue and digital sounds to create a sonic boomtronic style all their own. Live visuals by NGB and epic light shows bring the concert experience to a new level, and have earned them the reputation of a must-see live band.

In just a short time, the duo has toured all over the north east, playing consistently to large crowds at dance clubs, live music venues and late night festival slots, collaborated with top regional DJ's and MC's, performed live sets on top alternative radio stations and have gained loyal fans through word of mouth and high energy live shows.

Their new EP 'Atomic Bomb Party Vol. 2' was just released in April for free download to great reviews and is embraced by DJ and live music fans alike! The Manhattan Project features Shawn Drogan on drums and electronics, and Charlie Lindner on keyboards and synths.



The Manhattan Project has been blowing up dance floors everywhere over the last year with their original sonic boomtronic sound.  Their new EP 'Atomic Bomb Party vol. 2' brings the live experience into the studio and delivers 5 powerful tracks that blend House, Techno, Drum & Bass, Dub, Lounge and Trance styles into one serious dance party! Released in April 2011 to rave reviews, the EP has earned The Manhattan Project respect from members of The Disco Biscuits, Future Rock, and BioDiesel, as well as DJ and live music fans alike. Sophisticated compositions and dance floor beats combine with analogue and digital sounds to produce electronic music for the masses.

Manager: Shawn Drogan
Office: 585-256-0174
Mobile: 585-414-2828