HGMN welcomes Barrelhouse South

HGMN welcomes Barrelhouse South as our new venue affiliate.

125 W Congress St
Savannah, Georgia 31401
(912) 662-5576


Barrelhouse South is Savannah’s newest live music venue and restaurant downtown located inside city market on Congress Street. Opened the week of the famous St. Patrick’s Day parade, the venue is split into two levels with the downstairs offering different types of games for people who would still like to come but aren’t into the genre of music featured on the particular night. This new establishment is one of the only four music venues in town. The new venue hopes to be somewhat like the last successful venue in town, “Livewire”. Formally Retro and Mercury Lounge, Barrelhouse was opened by Chris Clarke the owner of popular bars such as “Seed Eco Lounge” and “Rogue Water”. His new establishment offers extraordinary live music at a national level, a unique style menu with great food to accommodate the late night crowd, a great staff full of the friendliest people, and a welcoming environment with all new renovations featuring all new appliances and equipment.

The music equipment at Barrelhouse includes a twelve-channel mixer, monitors, subwoofers, and a public address system. The venue plans to build a sound booth with all the latest recording technology so that it can double as a recording studio by day and venue by night. The new establishment would also like to offer live recordings after each show as well as run a live video feed so people will be able to stream the concerts all around the world in real time.

Upcoming Shows

June 05 - Mob Knarley, Relapse, Danny Shapiro, Chakra
June 19 - Les Racquet + Dangermuffin
June 21 - Dead Nation Heros, Flash BOMB, Relapse, & Dj Blueice
July 04 - Zach Deputy
July 12 - Megan Jean and the KFB
July 17 - The Jauntee

Booking: Robert Hall - relentlesspromo101@gmail.com