EOTO Fall Tour In The Works

What happens when two former members of a widely successful touring band step out from behind the instruments that made them famous and embark on an entirely new musical journey? The result is the left coast breakbeat/Glitch-hop/house duo, EOTO (pronounced E-oh-toe).
eotoConsisting of one third of the progressive jam sextet, The String Cheese Incident, the joint venture between Jason Hann and Michael Travis is a fresh, 100% improvised collaboration of live instrumentation and digital mixing. The duo has eagerly taken to the road to deliver a totally inimitable and unforgettable live experience.

Performing in roles completely different than the ones in SCI, Jason Hann keeps the crowds moving. Covering percussion, layering eclectic-glitchy samples, live auxiliary re-mixing, as well as the playing drum kit, Hann provides the rhythmic backbone for all things EOTO. Adding blissful and edgy tonal ambience is the multi-talented Michael Travis. Blending bass, guitar, keyboards and hand percussion, as well as live mixing and re-mixing, Travis creates the spacey flavor capturing the listener's senses. With the raw power of live drums, the music is all created on the spot, recorded, and remixed live, proving no two shows are exactly alike. While completely different from SCI, life-long fans as well as new fans will be drawn to the dance frenzy and originality that is EOTO.

In the world of EOTO, nothing is pre-recorded, nothing is pre-looped and no set is pre-planned. Each show transports the listener to a unique time and place, providing an unmatched sonic dance experience night in and night out. Inspired by legendary DJ's and mix artists of the world, the duo combines cutting-edge technology with live instrumental performance to create truly original and melodic dance music in the moment. Merging hypnotic rhythms, pounding bass, and mesmerizing melodies, EOTO's sonic assault is certainly the forefront of an emerging musical movement.

Currently, EOTO is in the midst of a summer tour, spanning nine states as well as Canada. For the 55 U.S. tour dates this Fall, Jason Hann and Michael Travis will energetically weave beats, breaks, and soundscapes to keep audiences grooving all night long. Crowds looking for a mind bending, ear-opening experience will fall in love with EOTO's unparalleled spontaneity and imagination.
"Intense.  That is probably the only word that can sum up the awesome force that is  EOTO."
-Augustana Observer, Joanne Stankiewicz
High-Res Live Photo-
(Photo Credit- Ankur Malhotra)
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Bozone live in MT-
Dungery live in CO-
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