Zen Tricksters

The Tricksters are a superbly talented Rock/Jam band who play in both electric & acoustic formats.
The Tricksters have a huge working repertoire that ranges from their tuneful and well-crafted original pieces to traditional bluegrass and hillbilly jazz classics, to Grateful Dead, Dylan, Neil Yound and inventive interpretations of any and all songs that catch their fancy. The Zen Tricksters are not only renowned for the trademark jamming ability they have displayed for over 25 years, but also for their inspired songwriting. They are the quintessential jamband. Based in New York, they play nearly 150 dates a year while touring throughout the United States & Canada. They have also toured Nagoya, Yokohama, and Tokyo with Relix Japan and it is generally safe to say that the Tricksters are "currently on tour" somewhere in the United States or elsewhere. This band will rock you, psychedelicize you, make you cry, and pick it with the best of them! The Zen Tricksters have three studio CDS of all original material. When he heard their second CD, A Love Surreal, Phil Lesh was so impressed with the band's ability to jam in the studio that he tapped two members to be part of his Phil & Friends collective. "The Tricksters are more than just a cover band. They have their own stuff and they are brilliant, their stuff is brilliant. They are great players!"--Phil Lesh
Folk & Traditional