The Slip

September 12, 1991, first day of high school. . .three hard-rocking adolescents convene in Jazz Band 101 and attempt the Miles Davis composition So What, insisting, much to Mr. Sanborn's dismay, that it be played with a driving backbeat, distorted guitar, and John Bonham drum fills. Things haven't changed all that much. The members of The Slip, brothers Brad and Andrew Barr and Marc Friedman, have been playfully altering song forms and establishing a shared vocabulary ever since.
The result is a shifting soundscape that envelops listeners. There are lyrics, drones, changes, and quakes. It grooves, uplifts, crystallizes, and breaks. The song becomes a vehicle for limitless improvisation, aspiring to create spontaneous beauty. The Slip has become a noted enigma in the world of modern music. The "jam" music scene has adopted them as one of the most exhilarating live music experiences around, while the jazz world has affectionately embraced them as rebels with a cause. The Slip use group intuition, organic sounds, and the simple song as a basis for experimental embarkation. The music is at once gentle, soulful, and body shaking. It navigates through many emotions and, when all sails are up, rides the wind of inspiration gracefully and convincingly. From dirty syncopated dance beats to tender Americana lullabies, The Slip enable a journey for listeners.