The Nucleus

Arcata, CA based Nucleus has been steadily evolving and cultivating its own niche in the music world since its formation in 1999.
Having spent years exploring the inner workings Jazz, Funk, Blues, Latin and Electronica, the modern sound of Nucleus is a rock and roll power trio with a twist. One of the most innovative and trailblazing bands on the up-and-coming national scene, Nucleus is no stranger to the road. Known for their relentless coast-to-coast excursions, the years of solid playing in so many places have given the band an expansive palette to fuel their musical progression. With many well known festival appearances on the horizon and a groundbreaking new album The Art of Reaching, Nucleus is poised to make a lasting impression on the grassroots music scene and beyond. While The Art of Reaching is Nucleus' fourth official release, it is also the first studio release since 2001 and thus captures alot of the progression and evolution the band has gone through in the last four years. Based around the vocal rock trio format but enhanced with horns, keyboards and studio wizardry, The Art of Reaching creates its own unique musical world within the sacred architecture of a classic rock and roll album.
World Rhythms