King For A Day

The three-year old band started when Labich and Lefevre, who had known each other for some time through the music circuit, both found themselves free at the same time. "I had a body of work that I had been building for awhile. I played some stuff for Benj, he liked it, and we just decided to go from there."

Lefevre called Funke, who had occasionally sat in with Deep Banana. Funke describes his early take on the project: "I was initially interested in it because it was going to be blues-infused rock, something I was gravitating toward, and then the first time I heard Danny's music I thought, Wow! This stuff is really good. I'd better play really well. I'd better do this!"

A few days later, they called back and we went into my studio and started to record stuff. We had no drummer yet and we weren't doing any gigs. We just wanted to see how it would all come together and how we would connect as musicians."

Both Funke and Lefevre said this kind of collaborative, organic style is one they've settled into nicely both as a full blown rock band, and as an acoustic trio. They both credit Labich with bringing the inspiration to the table with his songs. "Danny will write something really great and then we'll all work together to flesh it out, adding our own nuances to each piece," said Lefevre. 

"Danny comes with flashes of mirrored genius. We then take his idea and try and reflect that back to him with our own perspectives on it. It's a nice process and we all honor the connection."

Dan Labich: lead vocalist, acoustic guitar
Benj LeFevre: Bass guitar
Randy Funke: electric guitars
Eric Kalb: drums

Progressive Rock

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