Josh Phillips Folk Festival

Singer, guitarist, and percussionist of Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band Josh Phillips has recently left the Booty Band in pursuit of his new project, Josh Phillips Folk Festival.
Though the Folk Festival plays some of the same songs that Josh has written with the Booty Band, the overall vibe is more song oriented and less of the party vibe that is synonymous with the Booty Band experience. While the music seamlessly bounces between folk, world, reggae, and R&B, the common theme of the music is heart felt lyrics with a strong focus on the song itself.

Josh Phillips began the Folk Festival as a recording project back in June of 2007, made up of members of Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, STRUT, Trainwreks, and Laura Reed and Deep Pocket. Also helping make the CD a true Folk Festival, Justin Perkins of Toubab Krewe, Bryon McMurray of Acoustic Syndicate, Nick Hope of Hope Massive, Woody Wood of the Blue Rags, and many other local musicians came through the studio to lay down a piece to the album.

In December, the Folk Festival took the show live for the first time and quickly after, Josh decided to go full throttle with the Project. The band has already played some of the best venues in the South East, as well as some incredible festivals such as Floyd Fest and AmJam. The Folk Festival just bought a tour bus and is gearing up for their busiest season yet, promoting the release of their new album "Wicker."

Folk Festival crew includes, but is not limited to:

    * Elijah Cramer - Bass
    * Nick Hope - Drums
    * Sean Donnelly - piano, vocals
    * Greg Hollowell - saxophone
    * Derrick Johnson - trombone
    * Casey Cramer - guitar
    * Suzanna Baum - vocals
    * Jacob Baumann - drums
    * Ryan Burns - Keyboards
    * Barrett Helms - drums
    * John Reed - bass, vocals
    * Rob Russell - Guitar, Vocals

Contributing 'Folks'

    * Justin Perkins- kora
    * Andy John - Guitar, Harmonica, Cello
    * River - Percussion
    * Woody Wood - Guitar, Vocals
    * Mary - Hammer Dulcimer
    * Matt - Vibraphone
    * Simon - Trumpet
    * Scotty - Tuba
    * Slaughter - Trombone
    * Dave Hamilton - Theramin
    * Andrew - Guitar
    * John Ashley - Vocals
    * Steven Heller - production
World Rhythms
Folk & Traditional