Jazzam is a high energy- get the party started NOW- jazz/power-funk band. With modern and traditional influences ranging from Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rock, R&B and World Music every set has its own distinct flavor and its own unique pulsating intensity.

By skillfully integrating short quotes of current and traditional cover songs into their tight jams and performing full covers that regularly knock audiences' collective socks off, Jazzam relies heavily on highly composed original tunes while maintaining a close connection to a wide variety of audience favorites.

In a recent 2006 review of Jazzam's new album "It's About Time," the music editors at The Homegrown Music Network noted that, "Jazzam has something for everyone in their splendid sound. Rollicking bass lines, spirited guitar, keyboard, and horn solos, and intense vocals are just some of the building blocks of their texturally diverse music."

While maintaining a refined and subtle approach, Jazzam draws on the raw energy and power emitted from their frenzied, gyrating fans. Sending the energy back full force while creating an overflowing pool of dancable funk that pours out from the stage, the band immerses the crowd with hypnotic grooves and complex melodic harmonies, dragging them deeper and deeper into the music. Whether audience members choose to stand dazed by the intermingling structures of sounds, or possesed by the music's siren call to shake your ass harder and harder- two things are certain- the dance floor will be bumping and in the end you'll be screaming for more.

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