Formed as a power trio in early 2006, Equaleyes began touring through Idaho, Utah & Colorado with a blend of rock, funk & bluegrass.

When the group brought onboard a fourth voice with keyboards and accordion in late 2007 they infused a pop-electronic sound to their already diverse repertoire. Armed with their sophomore album, While I’m Alive (7/22/08 release), Equaleyes is attracting both young & old to the dance floors each time they light up the stage. With a rapidly growing fan base Equaleyes has found opportunities to play such venues as the Knitting Factory (Boise, ID) and Fox Theatre (Boulder, CO) along with opening for larger acts like The Wailers and The Jerry Garcia Band.



"There's something really pure about these guys, and if you haven't heard/seen them before, they're definitely worth checking out." - Amy Atkins-The Boise Weekly



“At its heart, this good-time band pulls together really strong melodies, a rare feat for the genre of jam. The compositions feel fun as lyrics paint pictures of places and people.” Says Dan Black – The Boise Planet.    “It’s what happens when some creative guys from the Idaho mountains get an itch and relentlessly pursue their musical passions.”

    The foursome is currently touring throughout the west coast to areas including California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Arizona.  Meanwhile, they're trying to make moves towards the east to play shows for all the Atlantic coast fans.

Home Town: 
Boise, ID
Mid West