PERCUSSION, PERCUSSION, PERCUSSION.......Entrain is built on percussion, Infectious grooves, hooky tunes and great vocals. Hailing from the Island of Martha's Vineyard, Entrain's chemistry is fueled by the winds, tides and joie d'vie of Island life.

Winners of the Boston Music Award for the "BEST LIVE SHOW" in New England the critics had lots to say about this release. "Picture if you will, summer at its best. The whole deal - frozen margaritas, sand between your toes, sun on your face..... Imagine if you could bottle that. Now go pick up "Can U Get It" and tell me if it isn't damn close."- Meghan Sheehan, Northeast Performer. "The new CD(Can U Get It) Zips along like a lively summit conference between The Dave Matthews Band and Little Feat, with African Drumming and enviromentally concious lyrics as well." - Steve Morse, The Boston Globe " Vineyards Entrain is enroute to huge success...with their ability to reliably merge funk, rock, reggae, swamp and worldbeat rhythms into a sweaty good time."- The Boston Herald.


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