Dread Clampitt

Dread Clampitt formed in 2002 with Kyle Ogle (guitar, vocals) and Balder Saunders (mandolin, vocals) making music on the front porch of their Grayton Beach, FL trailer, with Justin Price-Rees (fiddle, vocals) joining the band shortly thereafter.

Kenny Oliverio (upright bass, vocals) is the newest addition to the band, playing upright bass; he fills the shoes of Duke Bardwell (former bass player for Elvis Presley) who was very instrumental in getting Dread Clampitt where they are today. Helping to mold the music and lives of the guys, they call him the Godfather. The music, dubbed "hipbilly" by Balder Saunders, combines Bluegrass, Blues, Rock & Roll, Louisiana Bayou Funk & Swamp music with a heavy reliance on Jazz rhythms. It's a difficult sound to describe, so we suggest taking a minute to listen to what they have to offer. The lyrics are clever and often heartfelt. They combine a mixture of humor with a real outlook at the world and the people and places around them.