Chasing Edison


Justin Babcock - Drums

Gabe Britton - Vocals, multi-instrumentalist

Greg Dalton -  Vocals, Guitar

Jeff Lewis - Bass


Chasing Edison is a groove based rock band from Charlotte, NC. Forming in early 2009, the band’s rising popularity can best be attributed to their amazing performances -- at both small shows and large music festivals. Chasing Edison draws from styles as  diverse as progressive metal to improvised jazz fusion. They provide an ever-evolving unique experience through gut wrenching grooves; turn on the dime changes, and an awe-inspiring light show. The members of Chasing Edison have been making music individually since childhood. The band, comprised of members Justin Babcock (Drums & Percussion,) Greg Dalton (Guitar,) Jeff Lewis (Bass,) and Gabe Britton (Lead vocals & multi-instrumentalist,) can best be described as stylistically diverse – with music that appeals to both the listener and the musicians. Produced by Chris Mitchell from Umphrey's McGee, their music is easy to relate to through danceable grooves, meaningful lyrics, and an overall positive message. They continue to challenge each other by writing complex dynamic parts within their songs, which also keeps their audience entertained. The band’s musical influences include Tool, The Grateful Dead, Bootsy Collins, and Pink Floyd.


“My favorite song to perform is “Enjoy the Show.” The song has many intricate parts, many hooks and a great groove. It also highlights many of our strengths as players and allows us to open up the song to create very interesting improvisational moments that vary from night to night.  Sometimes the song is eight minutes long and other times we perform it for closer to 15 minutes,” said Babcock. The members of Chasing Edison are always writing new music, and they seem to be releasing new songs at record speed. The band recently released a new song called “Dust,” which they have we have been debuting at their recent shows. They plan to release a brand new album by the fall of 2012, which will be available for purchase through the Homegrown Music Network and iTunes.

Home Town: 
Charlotte , NC
South East