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With an alluring combination of smoky, guitar-driven funk and crooner’s soul, the seven tracks of the Heritage’s “Systematically” will prove to be a stellar, addictive introduction.
Mike LaBombard - Saxophones, Keyboards, Synths/Johan Harvey - Guitars/Rodrigo Pichardo - Bass/Aaron Zarrow - Drums/Andrew Toy - Drums
Darlene Love or maybe it was Lisa Fischer told a story about being asked to sing back up for a British Band. While watching the band perform she noticed two things: the guy was flailing around like an old...
Homonculus is composed of 10 instrumentals that work together well to make a full, balanced composition. Many instrumental albums, some with intent and others without chance, often drag and feel like one long...
“Roots Bury Deep” features nine tracks of emotionally charged, poignant songwriting, delivered with passion, grace, and wit.
Brushfire Stankgrass
Microclimates, by Brushfire Stankgrass, immediately triggered thoughts of something by Jazz Mandolin Project as the album cranked up, but it quickly jutted into something equally as marvelous during bluegrass,...
Marvelous Funkshun
Marvelous Funkshun is a jammy collective that blends funk, jazz, and rock into a fusion that is, as the name claims, pretty marvelous.
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Featuring an energetic mix of jam and spirited guitar and keys, Communications proves to be a compelling, complex debut.
The Hip Abduction can be defined in many different ways, but it is commonly associated with walking, dancing, or sexual maneuvers, which seems fitting for the diversity of THA’s powerful sound and genre. It may...
BIG Something
Featuring howling guitar, engaging songwriting, and complex layered arrangements, “BIG Something” proves to be a dynamic sophomore release.
Del McCoury Band
As much as I love modern jamgrass/newgrass variations, they just don’t bring me back to time spent camping/existing with my grandfather on his stomping grounds in the Smoky Mountains of NC, the way the old...