The Hip Abduction - Self Titled

The Hip Abduction can be defined in many different ways, but it is commonly associated with walking, dancing, or sexual maneuvers, which seems fitting for the diversity of THA’s powerful sound and genre. It may not be as technically difficult to play reggae, but that makes it all the more difficult to play it well. The complexity of its sound lies in mastering the simplicity of its craft. On this self titled album The Hip Abduction has proved to do just that, master their music.

The Hip Abduction

The Hip Abduction mixes reggae, rock, and African traditions to create their own unique sound. With heavy emphasis placed on African stringed instruments (kora, ngoni), dub-reggae-inspired bass lines, and funky afro-beat percussion, the band's high-energy performances have won them a loyal statewide following. Formed on the gulf coast of Florida in 2010, The Hip Abduction has quickly grown from just a few African instrument playing surfers to a full-blown 7-piece reggae powerhouse. “THA” (as coined by fans) is currently touring the east coast constantly while hyping their new soon-to-be-released 12-song LP, which was produced by Michael Goldwasser (Easy Star Records).


Del McCoury Band - The Streets of Baltimore CD

Del McCoury Band
As much as I love modern jamgrass/newgrass variations, they just don’t bring me back to time spent camping/existing with my grandfather on his stomping grounds in the Smoky Mountains of NC, the way the old timers like Del McCoury can.


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