Mustang Music Festival - The Little Festival that Could

Imagine a small, intimate festival with a great mix of local/regional and national talent, top-notch hospitality, great food, all in one of the most beautiful and popular destinations on the East Coast. Well, you don’t have to imagine, because the Third Annual Mustang Music Festival in the Outer Banks at Corolla, NC delivered all that for a great price. Held October 11-12 this year, the festival is the brainchild of local restaurateur Michael Dianna and it takes place on the deck and in the parking lot outside his restaurant, Mike Dianna’s Grill Room. Since it’s scheduled after the tourist season ends, there’s no worry about heavy traffic. And while Mike’s restaurant is closed for the season, there are still plenty of local establishments open and lodging is reasonable and plentiful. He also hosts a one-day festival/jam in the spring before the season starts.

By John Phillips
Photos by John Phillips/Festy Shots Photography

Featured Artist: The Mantras

Keith Allen of The Mantras talks about the band’s own festival, MantraBash, the pending departure of keyboardist Justin Powell, and what it takes to achieve success on the jam band circuit.

Lockn' Festival - Arrington, VA - September 2013

Lockn' Festival - Arrington, VA - September 2013
It's hard to explain the excitement I felt when I heard that a massive music festival was coming to my home state of Virginia. Amplify that excitement by some randomly-chosen large number, upon hearing Lockn’ Festival’s legend-packed lineup, and you get some idea of how important this festival felt.

Bands the likes of Furthur, Neil Young/Crazy Horse, SCI, Widespread Panic, Gov't Mule, and The Black Crowes were slated to make festival history just a few hours from my stomping grounds. And then, Young had to back out after a Crazy Horse injury!

The Greyboy Allstars - Inland Emperor

When jazz funk is played properly and soulfully, it is one of the greatest combinations of musicology, sound and rhythm. Despite the music theory, jazz funk at its finest just sounds and feels so, pardon my French, bon. It has been six years since we last heard an album by Karl Denson, Robert Walter with new additions Elgin Park, and Chris Stillwell as the infamous band, The Greyboy Allstars. The high anticipation of this release was more than satisfied by the sounds expressed. Their recent album, Inland Emperor, is a magnificent example of jazz funk close to perfection.


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