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Option 22 - The Change

Change – To make or become different (verb). It’s a rarity for an album to have songs with vast differences in tone, instrumentation, method, tempo and direction without sounding like a CD compilation created by an avid fan. Option 22 has found a way to compile eleven diverse magnificent tracks while maintaining the consistent message and flow that an album should. This is a feat that deserves ample recognition. When you listen to the eleven tracks on Option 22’s new album, The Change, you will come to realize not only the musical reasoning behind the title, but the ever so powerful transcendent message throughout – a message that is asking, challenging us to actively pursue changing ourselves and the world for the better.

Asheville Live! - July 22nd 2013

Based on the performances and audience turnout at Asheville LIVE’s demo shoot July 22nd, the program promises to shine a light on a city waiting to explode.

Asheville LIVE looks to be just what Asheville needs to show the rest of the nation what all of the locals know to be true. Asheville is a music city - one that thrives on merciless creativity; and one worthy of recognition as a major force in the nation’s music scene. Asheville LIVE takes place in one of the best sounding venues in Asheville, Isis Dining and Music Hall. Isis, located in the heart of West Asheville was once an old movie theatre that was transformed into an amazing venue for live music.

The Floorboards - The Floorboards CD

The Floorboards CD
Life’s scars are thick sources of smoke and alcohol-stained wisdom on this self-titled album of alt-country by Virginia’s The Floorboards.

Featured Artist: Cope

The band talks about their recent lineup change, their influences and songwriting style, and the new material they’ve been working out for the next CD.


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