John Hermann

Widespread Panic Announces Spring Tour

Widespread Panic has announced a 20-show Spring tour covering the month of April and early May. The tour is rife with multi-night stands in Panic strongholds like Raleigh, NC and Savannah, GA, and also includes a stop at NOLA Jazz Fest.

Beanland - Rising From the Riverbed

Rising from the Riverbed is about the people, the moments and --- the music. Beanland was part blues, part ragtime, and part boogie woogie all coming together to create what Bill McCrory perfectly calls, ‘river music.’ The core of river is the soul, the culture, and the heart that lies in every person who lives their life according to this same groove. JoJo Hermann, original member of Beanland and current member of Widespread Panic, says, “Mississippi has a groove, it has a vibe from Junior Kimbrough [and] RL Burnside. And Beanland is a part of that.”
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