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New Keller Williams, Roots of Creation, Easy Star All Stars, Jerry Garcia, Brushfire Stankgrass and Jesse McReynolds and Friends "Songs of the Grateful Dead".
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New Additions:

Keller Williams - Kids CDKeller Williams - Kids CD - A true original, Keller Williams has won the hearts and imaginations of a seething tide of young adults who are musically 'in the know.' With his sixteenth album, Kids, Keller stakes out his next conquest- the absolute adoration of the under-10 crowd and their parents, caregivers, and relatives. With Kids, Keller creates a style of family music that's all his own, and reaches his young audience in a way that matters. While other performers play for kids, Keller plays with them. For the album, Keller takes influences of traditional bluegrass, 'Chester & Lester' innovative guitar technique, Robin Williams, and Bobby McFerrin and transports them to warp level. And though Keller's virtuosity extends through his phenomenal instrumental technique and range of vocal styles and effects, he never allows his supreme musicianship to get in the way of the pure joy of the music. Keller Williams' high standards are preserved in his first CD for children and families, Kids.

Roots of Creation - RoC Live Vol. 2 CD Roots of Creation - RoC Live Vol. 2 CD - Nationally touring Reggae-Rock-Dubtronica band, Roots of Creation, releases their widely anticipated fourth album, RoC Live Vol. #2 (Harmonized Records). Based out of New Hampshire RoC toured extensively 2008-10, playing 300+ shows around the country and the US Virgin Islands. The selections for this new album were chosen from the best performances of 2009 and 2010, including songs from their very popular sets at Wormtown and Nateva Music Festivals, The Paradise Rock Club in Boston and more. Live Vol #2 features the hit single 'Policy' and stylistic covers of classics by the Talking Heads and Tom Petty. Other album highlights include epic instrumentals 'Mammoth' and 'Dubby Conqueror.'

Jesse McReynolds & Friends - Songs of the Grateful Dead CDJesse McReynolds & Friends - Songs of the Grateful Dead CD - Recorded by one of our greatest music legends, American treasure, mandolin innovator and stylist Jesse McReynolds. Known for his singing, arranging, songwriting, musical wizardry and recognized for his musical virtuosity, Jesse is a 45 yr veteran of the Grand Ole Opry, multiple Grammy nominee and winner and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee. Songs of the Grateful Dead, performed with his friends, David Nelson (New Riders Of The Purple Sage) and Stu Allen, is Jesse's take on 12 of the finest Grateful Dead Songs ever written by Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia plus a new original song penned by Jesse & Grateful Dead Songwriter, Robert Hunter. "Jesse's singing voice is like a long-lost brother voice between Jerry Garcia and David Nelson. Everyone who knows their work and is fortunate enough to hear this record will know what I mean. What a trio you'd all have made! The singing is steady and strong. Jerry would approve, I'm certain." - Robert Hunter. Currently on sale, 20% off list price!
Easy Star All Stars - Dubber Side of the Moon CDEasy Star All Stars - Dubber Side of the Moon CD
-Dubber Side of the Moon features the complete sequence of Dub Side of the Moon remixed by a handpicked list of cutting edge and legendary producers. Since its release in 2003, Dub Side of the Moon has been a phenomenon, spending 7 years on the Billboard charts, selling over 200,000 copies worldwide and kicking off the still-growing-strong recording and touring career of the Easy All-Stars. The band has now put its music into the hands of Grove Corporation, 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood, Dubphonic, Liquid Agents, Dubmatix, Dreadzone, Victor Rice, Kalbata, Scientist, Michael G, Border Crossing and J.Viewz and the results are a futuristic foray deeper into the unchartered territory traveled by the original release. Mixing deep dub grooves, up to the minute dub step riddims, and more, Dubber Side is a journey fans old and new alike will want to take.

Brushfire Stankgrass - One for the Salamanders CDBrushfire Stankgrass - One for the Salamanders CD - The remarkable chemistry and live experimentation in the music of Brushfire Stankgrass begins with its founding members, Ben & Will Saylor. The brothers began playing music in the Suzuki method at the age of three and picked up the banjo and guitar at 10 & 12, respectively. They still maintain their bluegrass chops today, but have added some Moog analog effects and "trance-mountain dub" rhythms to create a style which has moved beyond the traditional into truly uncharted territory; they call it Stankgrass. Mixing Moog effects with bluegrass backbeats, the sound of Brushfire Stankgrass is instantly unique. The Asheville group was recently voted into The Mountain Xpress' "Best of WNC" for the second year running, tying with The Steep Canyon Rangers & Steve Martin in the bluegrass/oldtime category. While the music is certainly not straight bluegrass, the sound is undeniably derived from mountain musical traditions. Their eclectically entertaining live performances have earned the band a loyal following.

Jerry Garcia & Howard Wales - Hooteroll?+2 CDJerry Garcia & Howard Wales - Hooteroll?+2 CD - Keyboardist Howard Wales and guitarist Jerry Garcia teamed up often in the early 1970's, holding jam sessions at nearby clubs and recording this largely ignored studio album. The music on Hooteroll? is a natural extension of the sublime jazz-fusion that had begun to change jazz music. This is psychedelic, interstellar rock with healthy doses of funk, jazz, and 70's style soul. Features John Kahn on bass, Bill Vitt on drums, and Martin Fierro on sax/flute. A classic California lineup and an album that you won't believe you missed!

* A classic, this record is Jerry Garcia's first non-Grateful Dead work!
* Special digipak reissue never available before in America features stunning art by Mati Klarwein.
* Hooteroll? shows early-era Dead influence, yet incorporates the years of experience accrued by Garcia. Some very unique music is created in this session, and lets the listener see how Garcia could branch out to do something different--more experimental, more off-the-cuff, and more spontaneous.
* Using a seven-piece band and implementing organs, sax, trumpet, guitars, bass, and drums, kaleidoscopic musical waves and journeys combine to make a very diverse and jam-filled record.
Includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks, SHE ONCE LIVED HERE and SWEET COCAINE, recorded live in 1972, and A TRIP TO WHAT NEXT, from the original LP, on CD for the first time!

Coming Soon:

November 2 - 7 Walkers - 7 Walkers CD

Buckwheat Zydeco's Bayou Boogie CD

Last Week:

Phish - Coral Sky DVDPhish - Coral Sky DVD - On November 2nd, 1996, Phish performed at Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, FL; the only outdoor shed show of the Fall Tour. A long-time fan favorite, the show features special guests including Karl Perazzo (from Santana) on percussion throughout and Butch Trucks (from The Allman Brothers Band), playing drums during the encore. Along with a few palm trees, the DVD showcases the birth of the band's more rhythmic, textured group improv style and conveys their and the crowd's excitement at the breakthrough.The audio for the DVD is fully mixed and mastered for 5.1 surround.

Mike Gordon - Moss CDMike Gordon - Moss CD - The fascinating thing is that he's able to evoke concepts as ethereal as this not just lyrically but musically. Songs like "Spiral" and "The Void" detour into evocatively abstract, meterless areas of sound with a mysterious, textural richness. On the other hand, such numbers as "Can't Stand Still" and "Fire From a Stick" - both joyfully devoted to muses, mentors and the ecstatic wellspring of inspiration - are infectious, danceable, upbeat and viscerally planted in the here and now.

Three years in the making, Moss is the later chapter in an ongoing collaboration between Gordon and his creative sounding board, Jared Slomoff. Gordon, of course, sings and plays bass, as well as a variety of other instruments, including guitar, piano and drum programming. Slomoff co-produced and contributed some singing, playing and programming as well.

Drummers Joe Russo and Doug Belote crop up throughout the album, and other guests include organist Marco Benevento and percussionist Ken Lovelett, who brought a few intriguing instruments of his own invention to Gordon's studio. Mike's bandmates in Phish - keyboardist Page McConnell and drummer Jon Fishman also make appearances.

Soulive - Rubber SouliveSoulive - Rubber Soulive CD
-The trio take on the Fab Four with their 7th studio release RUBBER SOULIVE, on Royal Family Records. With this 11-track instrumental ode to the greatest, Soulive joins the likes of Booker T, George Benson and Chet Atkins by putting their own spin on their favorite Beatles classics.

Kraz recalls, "It finally came together when we ended up back at Alan's studio in Hatfield, MA after a weekend of gigs last year... We were in the middle of unloading the gear when we decided it was time: You know what? Rather than driving home and then driving back in a few days, let's stay right here and work on that Beatles idea. It really was that spontaneous. I actually went to a music store and got a bunch of the new re-mastered stuff. The first day in the studio, we just did a lot of listening - listening and talking about which tunes to do and how to do them. We wanted to do some stuff that already sounded like it was in our lane - the groovier, funkier stuff. But we also wanted to delve into other songs that were more open to our interpretation, you know?"

Railroad Earth - Railroad Earth CDRailroad Earth - Railroad Earth CD - Consummate roots rockers Railroad Earth release of their first album for One Haven Music. The self-titled album was produced by Angelo Montrone in association with Michael Caplan (The Allman Brothers Band, Los Lonely Boys, Keb' Mo'). 'Railroad Earth' is the band's most diverse collection to date, with nine new exquisitely-crafted songs that range from rousing ballads and string band funk to wistful waltzes and quirky time signature folk.

Always at the forefront, though, is singer and songwriter Todd Sheaffer, whose aching vocals and evocative lyrics anchor the band. On 'Potter's Field,' his plain-spoken lyrics and earthy arrangements recall the panoramic storytelling of The Band, while album opener 'Long Walk Home' brings to mind the heartfelt soul searching of Wilco. 'On The Banks' displays Schaffer's raw emotive power in the quiet humility of his lyrics.

Green Hit - Purpose CD Green Hit - Purpose CD - Green HIt is a trio from Northwest Florida. The efforts of this collaboration have produced something truly unique, challenging, and tasteful. "purpose." is presented to you in all honesty. It is a live album which has been polished. "Live" - meaning all the players played simultaneously in the same room to record all of the music. There were no over-dubs, no click-tracks, and no safety net. "Polished" - meaning the sound was mixed and mastered in a traditional manner.

The whole of the album was recorded in three sessions during February and March of 2010. These sessions were held at 3rd Floor Recording, located at the Old Sacred Heart Hospital building, in Pensacola, FL., by Sean Peterson. All songs were written, arranged, and produced by members of Green Hit, and all songs are copyrighted by Green Hit.

It has been rumored that the Old Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola is haunted. During the recording sessions several anomalous occurrences met with the band. Some of sounds on the album were donated by multiple Lo-Fi radio stations via Chase's amp. The content of these offerings brings into question whether the occurrences were by chance or due to intervention.

Upcoming Events:

October 29-31 Moogfest 2010 - Asheville, NC

String Cheese Incident's Hulaween - Hampton, VA

November 12-14 * Bear Creek Music & Arts Festival - Live Oak, FL

November 20-21 New Universe Music Festival - Raleigh NC

* Look for the HGMN Booth at this event!

Video of the Week:

Roots of Creation - "Oh Lord" (Live Halloween 10/31/09 at the Colonial Theatre - Keene NH)

Happy Halloween!
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