Les Claypool - Of Whales & Woe VINYL LP


Les's 2006 studio release "Of Whales and Woe" featured musicians Paulo Baldi (drums), Mike Dillion (percussion), Skerik (sax), and Gabby La La (sitar).This album is filled with quirky gems including the theme to thewildly popular animated series "Robot Chicken".

Track List:
1- Back Off Turkey mp3
2- One Better mp3
3- Lust Stings mp3
4- Of Whales And Woe mp3
5- Vernon the Company Man mp3
6- Phantom Patriot mp3
7- Iowan Gal mp3
8- Nothin' Ventured mp3
9- Rumble Of The Diesel mp3
10- Robot Chicken mp3
11- Filipino Ray mp3
12- Off-White Guilt mp3

Vinyl release date 11.24.2009