Talking Heads - Naked DualDisc

Their 1988 swan song spawned the favorites "Sax And Violins," "Blind," and "Mr. Jones." Bonus DVD content includes a 5.1 mix and video for "Sax And Violins" and the video for "Blind." CD bonus track is an unreleased version of "Sax And Violins."

1. Blind mp3
2. Mr. Jones mp3
3. Totally Nude mp3
4. Ruby Dear mp3
5. (Nothing But) Flowers mp3
6. Democratic Circus mp3
7. Facts of Life mp3
8. Mommy Daddy You and I mp3
9. Big Daddy mp3
10. Bill mp3
11. Cool Water mp3
12. Sax and Violins mp3

Disc: 2
1. Blind video
2. Sax and Violins [5.1 Mix]

Released 2/14/06