Scrapple - The Movie DVD

This high-flying "Colorado cult film" (Denver Post) makes fans out of everyone who sees it! Scrapple serves up a curious slice of life in the timeless fictional ski town of Ajax, Colorado. Taking place over the course of a summer, the story is outlined by the life of Scrapple the pig.

The celebrated prize at the end of the Ski Season Pig Chase, the dharma piglet takes up residence with some local Ajaxians, who decide to raise and fatten her for a sacrificial autumn roast in honor of the snow god Ullr. Little do they realize the lasting effect this curly-tailed spirited mass will have an their lives.

Known as the dimwitted small time drug dealer, Al Dean (Geoffrey Hanson) actually has a plan. And once the much anticipated shipment of the legendary Nepalese Temple Balls comes in, Al will finally have enough money to got his brother out of the VA hospital and into the coveted house on Spruce Street. But a few things stand in his way, an ambitious but shady real estate broker, a suspicious sheriff, and most surprisingly, his best friend Tom Sullivan (Buck Simmonds), who returns to Ajax to face his haunted past--a past for which he holds Al responsible.

The stories converge on the day of the pig roast. After Scrapple sticks her snout in the wrong place, Al finds himself in over his head in the middle of a big-time drug deal. Tom, in an attempt to salvage his relationship with newfound love Both (Ryan Massey), inadvertently thwarts Al's plan as he plots to save ScrappIe from the skewer.

Scrapple is a high altitude story of drugs, love...and a pig. The first film by brothers Christopher and Geoffrey Hanson and producing partner George Plamondon contains all the ingredients for a genuine and humorous look at ski town life. Scrapple is not a ski film, but an authentic and original mountain town film. With its superb ensemble cast, breathtaking cinematography and soulful score by blues legend Taj Mahal, Scrapple is one of the most entertaining debut films of 1998.