Ozric Tentacles - Sunrise Festival (CD & DVD)

This CD and DVD set captures the band at the 2007 Sunrise Festival. There's no better way to celebrate Ozric's 25th Anniversary than with this new audiovisual buffet, which brings you the intensity of their live sets in their most fruitful setting - the festival!

Packaged in a beautiful, sturdy 2-disc case with a 14-page inset of photos and remembrances.

1- Blimey! mp3
2- O-I mp3
3- Vita Voom mp3
4- Jurassic Shift mp3
5- Sunrise Jam mp3
6- Erpland mp3
7- The Throbbe mp3
8- Snakepit mp3
9- Eternal Wheel
10- White Rhino Tea
11- Tidal Convergence

Released May 27, 2008