JJ Grey & Mofro - Brighter Days DVD

Directed by filmmaker/musician Spookie Daly, the film intersperses riveting concert footage with the stunning beauty of Grey's north Florida home, the inspiration for so much of his music. The film also follows Grey and company into the studio and features band interviews along with insightful commentary from Grey and others, recalling the format of classic "rockumentaries."

Track List:
The Church (Documentary/Interview)
War (Video)
This Place (Documentary/Interview)
This Place (Documentary/Interview)
A Woman (video)
In The Studio (Documentary/Interview)
Brighter Days (Video)
Hide & Seek (Video)
What's The Sound (Documentary/Interview)
Ho Cake (Video)
Playin' With Folks (Documentary/Interview)
Air (Video)
A Christmas Story (Documentary/Interview)
Dirtfloorcracker (Video)
Sexually Charged (Documentary/Interview)
Runnin' From The Law (Documentary/Interview)
Orange Blossoms (Video)
On Fire (Video)
At The Creek (Documentary/Interview)
Lochloosa (Video)
The Shining Down Story (Documentary/Interview)
The Sun Is Shining Down (Video)
The Sweetest Thing (Video)
Reflectin' (Documentary/Interview)
End Credits

Release date 04.09.2013