Jam Cam Chronicles - Jerry Garcia's Birthday Bash 2005

Clocking in at nearly 3 hours and boasting almost 60 minutes of RatDog concert footage, JamCam Chronicles' latest offering marks Bob Weir and RatDog's first officially sanctioned appearance on a commercially released DVD. Shot just days after what would have been Jerry Garcia's 63rd Birthday (August 1st) and just prior to the anniversary of his passing (August 9th) at Sunshine Daydream Farm's 20th Annual Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash Festival in Terra Alta, WV, JamCam's Season Two, Set Four serves as a fitting tribute to the Bob Weir described "workingman's hero."

RatDog leads the way, delivering standout performances of Grateful Dead classics "Sugar Magnolia," "Jack Straw," "Standing on the Moon," "One More Saturday Night" and the appropriate "Sunshine Daydream" show closer, each seamlessly bridged by the eloquent Weir. The centerpiece of the DVD allows Bob to beam about his current pride and joy, Ratdog, touching on both its present state and its future prior to segueing into a stunning "Ashes and Glass."

The Codetalkers (featuring Bobby Lee Rodgers, Col. Bruce Hampton & Jimmy Herring), The David Nelson Band, Ekoostik Hookah, The Toni Brown Band (w/former GD keyboardist Tom Constanten), One-Eyed Jack and G-13 provide musical highlights as well, and members of each are given the opportunity to share their own thoughts on Jerry by way of brief, yet poignant interview segues.

A fun-filled "Favorite Jerry Moments" segment, a look at "Trip's Farm and the 20th Annual" and more than 30 minutes of bonus material (including several minutes of additional Bob Weir interview footage) round out this latest and arguably most essential addition to the JamCam time capsule.

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01. Opening
02. RatDog - "Sugar Magnolia" > Bob Weir Interview segue > "Jack Straw"
03. The David Nelson Band - "Iko Iko" > Interview segue > "The Wheel"
04. G-13 - Interview segue > "Stars"
05. The Toni Brown Band - Interview segue > "Double Shot of Tequilla"
06. Trip's Farm & the 20th Annual (w/ Trip interview/Jerry Bash sights)
07. RatDog - Bob Weir Interview segue > "Ashes and Glass"
08. The Codetalkers (Featuring Bobby Lee Rodgers, Col. Bruce Hampton & Jimmy Herring) - "Yield Not to Temptation" > Interview segue > "Ike Stubblefield"
09. One-Eyed Jack - Interview segue > "Hard to Find the Time"
10. Ekoostik Hookah - Interview segue > "Another Good Man Gone"
11. Favorite Jerry Moments (w/band interview clips/Jerry Bash sights)
12. RatDog - Bob Weir Interview segue > "Standing on the Moon" > Trip Interview segue > "One More Saturday Night" > "Sunshine Daydream"
13. Credits (w/additional interview clips)

Plus bonus music, more Bobby interview clips, etc.

Released August 2006