Go Ride the Music & West Pole DVD


This new DVD brings together two TV programs from noted music critic and Rolling Stone co-founder Ralph J Gleason, covering the San Francisco psychedelia scene of the late sixties and early seventies. The first disc features the program "Go Ride The Music", featuring two giants of the era performing live in concert. Jefferson Airplane perform at an intimate indoor venue while Quicksilver Messenger Service are filmed in the open air. There are also cameo appearances from David Crosby and Jerry Garcia. The second disc, "West Pole" features a diverse range of acts including Ace Of Cups, Sons Of Champlin, the Grateful Dead and the Steve Miller Band performing live in various settings and takes a more analytical view of the music and the times.

TRACK LISTING Disc 1 - Go Ride The Music: 1) We Can Be Together - Jefferson Airplane 2) Volunteers - Jefferson Airplane 3) Mexico - Jefferson Airplane 4) Warm Red Wine - Quicksilver Messenger Service 5) Baby Baby - Quicksilver Messenger Service 6) Subway - Quicksilver Messenger Service 7) Plastic Fantastic Lover - Jefferson Airplane 8) Somebody To Love - Jefferson Airplane 9) Mona - Quicksilver Messenger Service 10) Emergency - Jefferson Airplane 11) Wooden Ships - Jefferson Airplane

Disc 2 - West Pole: 1) Music - Ace Of Cups 2) Roll With It - Steve Miller Band 3) Greasy Heart - Jefferson Airplane 4) New Potato Caboose - Grateful Dead 5) Dino's Song - Quicksilver Messenger Service 6) Sittin' In Circles - Steve Miller Band 7) Simplicity - Ace Of Cups 8) Freedom - Sons Of Champlin 9) Gospel Song - Ace Of Cups

Originally released in 2008. First disc aired on PBS in 1970!