Cream - 1968 Farewell Concert DVD

On guitar: Eric Clapton. Lead singer and bass guitarist: Jack Bruce. On drums: Ginger Baker. Their motto: "Forget the message, forget the lyrics, and just play." Their name: Cream.

For two glorious years, Cream's high-volume blues jamming and extended solos blazed a path into rock history. But in Novemeber 1968, the time to part had come, and all that remained was one wild, unforgettable concert. Now you are there, inside London's illustrious Royal Albert Hall, jammed to its gilded rafters with rock fans ready for the "final" concert of what many still consider the greatest band that ever played.

Includes rare off-stage interviews with the band members and five additional songs for the DVD version.

SONGS: Sunshine of Your Love * White Room * Politician * Improvisations * Stepping Out * Sitting on Top of the World * Spoonful * Toad * I'm So Glad * Improvisations * Crossroads Blues

Released October 2005