Younger Brother - Vaccine CD

The core trio of Simon Posford, Benji Vaughan and Rou Campbell are royalty on the international trance scene, revered for their mind-bending solo DJ-ing, as well as various offshoot projects, but most of all for the bold, progressive music they make together as Younger Brother. With their new album, Vaccine, they're all set to cross over into the mainstream, with a collection of expansive, anthemic songs real songs, molded according to their own unique digital process which warrant radio airplay just as much as dance floor action.

Younger Brother's third album, recorded with it s U.S. band lineup (Marc Brownstein/Disco Biscuits, Joe Russo/Furthur, Tommy Hamilton/Brothers Past), is the boldest chapter in their story to date: Vaccine sounds like no other record ever made, marrying top-quality, stadium-size songcraft to pulsing beats and sound palette of full-tilt electronic music. It's a remarkable album, which variously may echo Nick Drake, Talk Talk, Kraftwerk, or even Coldplay, but never sounds like anything but itself.

Release date 04.26.2011