Yonder Mountain String Band - Town by Town CD

Produced by Tim O'Brien, this sophomore studio release exemplifies the band's well-crafted songs and captures some of the magic of the band's live performances. O'Brien also lends fiddle or bouzouki on five tracks. "Town by Town" presents a delightfully mature listening experience and proves once again that the only place for this talented quartet to go is to the top.

Track List:

1- Rambler's Anthem
2- Easy As Pie
3- Idaho
4- Loved You Enough
5- Sorrow is A Highway
6- Must've Had Your Reasons
7- Wildewood Drive
8- New Horizons
9- Check Out Time
10- To See You Coming Round,br>11- Red Tail Lights
12- A Father's Arms
13- Hog Potato
14- Piece of Mind