Trey Anastasio - One Man's Trash CD

This is an album that Trey released through Phish Dry Goods in 1998, and it is now available everywhere! The creative spark that would eventually lead to the formation of the TAB is in full view here, as Trey uses the studio to full advantage in crafting his new ideas. Features Tom Marshall, Jon Fishman, Page McConnell, Jen Hartswick, Dave Grippo, and James Harvey!

1- Happy Coffee Song
2- Quantegy
3- Mister Completely
4- A Good Stalk
5- That Dream Machine
6- The Way I Feel
7- Rofa Beton
8- For Lew (My Bodyguard)
9- At The Barbecue
10- Tree Spine
11- Here's Mud In Your Eye
12- The Real Taste Of Licorice
13- And Your Little Dog Too
14- Jump Rope (Fast)
15- Jump Rope (Slow)
16- Kidney Bean