Trey Anastasio CD


Trey Anastasio steps out on his own with his self-titled solo debut album. Recorded at The Barn, Trey's studio in Burlington, Vermont, the album features Trey backed by a long list of stellar musicians. Throughout, a four-member horn section dishes out punchy, stabbing counterpoint to Anastasio's ever-inventive guitar work or engages in smart, peppery exchanges among themselves. A mighty three-piece rhythm section nails down the grooves, which range from light to Latin to sweetly funky to wickedly syncopated. The variety of moods, styles, lengths and tempos - from sinewy funk to pastoral etudes to structured improv - results in a kaleidoscopic yet cohesive listening experience. It's a kind of marriage between composition and improvisation, between written songs and the spontaneous, inspired moments that erupt when talented musicians are cooking up a storm.

Released in 2002