Tishamingo - The Point CD

Tishamingo blazes a new trail through the swamps on this, their third album! Their hard-edged southern sound is tempered by a slick songwriting sensibility and stellar production on The Point. In an industry that sometimes squanders its most valuable resource, Tishamingo is a breath of fresh air. Having toured extensively for the last half-decade, the Georgia-based quartet has honed its collective musical instincts and songwriting craft to present its most accomplished record to date.

1. Get On Back mp3
2. Are We Rollin' mp3
3. Chest Fever mp3
4. Mitchell mp3
5. Travel On mp3
6. This Time mp3
7. Bad News mp3
8. Tennessee Mountain Angel mp3
9. Hard Fall
10. Walkin' Shoes
11. Devil's Love Song

Released Feb. 20, 2007