Tim O'Brien - Cornbread Nation CD

Repertoire is a major part of the Tim O'Brien story. He's a song sponge. Songs collect and abide in O'Brien's world as comfortably as family heirlooms. They come from around the world, particularly the American South and Ireland. They morph into new ideas and new songs that update old truths about the human condition. They find expression in O'Brien's clear-as-ice voice on stages, in recording studios and at home with circles of gifted musical friends. O'Brien's relationship with songs embodies the very essence of the folk music tradition, always aware that the branches of the musical tree need sap from the roots.

"The words 'traditional' or 'folk' may connote something precious or sacred, something not to be tampered with, but I don't look at it that way and I don't treat these songs like museum objects. I borrowed lyrics from one for the other, and changed melodies to suit my mood, and put some drums and electric guitars with them ...The great purveyors of folk music always put their own stamp on things. Like good home-cooked food, it's gonna come out a little different each time you make it. No sense in worrying too much over it. It's like your cornbread batter--don't stir it up too much, just put it together and let it cook."

--Tim O'Brien, from the liner notes to Cornbread Nation

Musicians include: Chris Thile, Kenny Vaughan, Dennis Crouch, Edgar Meyer, Dirk Powell, Casey Driessen, Stuart Duncan, Dan Tyminski, Jerry Douglas, Mollie O'Brien, Darrell Scott, and Del McCoury.

1. Hold On mp3
2. Moses mp3
3. Cornbread Nation mp3
4. The Foggy Foggy Dew mp3
5. Let's Go Huntin' mp3
6. Walkin' Boss mp3
7. House Of The Risin' Sun mp3
8. Runnin' Out Of Memory mp3
9. Busted mp3
10. California Blues mp3
11. Boat Up The River mp3
12. When This World Comes To An End mp3

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