Thievery Corporation - Versions CD

Versions gathers 18 Thievery Corporation remixes from across a music spectrum that only the most eclectic could love. The vinyl-popping digital duo embraces '60s psychedelia with the Doors and '60s kitsch with Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. They put them all into the mixmaster, usually adding the downtempo jazzy electro-lounge beats upon which they built their early reputation. From Sarah McLachlan to Astrud Gilberto to Ustad Sultan-Khan, Thievery Corporation has made a cohesive remix album out of surprisingly disparate source material.

1. Tanara mp3
2. Habanos Days mp3
3. This Is Not A Love Song mp3
4. Beloved mp3
5. Who Needs Forever mp3
6. Desert mp3
7. Lemon Tree mp3
8. Originality mp3
9. In Love mp3
10. Girl's Insane, The mp3
11. Strange Days mp3
12. Revolution Solution - (Thievery Corporation remix) mp3
13. Shiva - (Thievery Corporation remix) mp3
14. Khalgi Stomp mp3
15. Angels
16. Nothing To Lose
17. Cada Beijo
18. Dirty Little Secret

Released May 16, 2006