The Roots - Game Theory CD

Pounding, dramatic, melancholy, intense, thought-provoking, timeless - these terms all describe the concise listening experience of Game Theory, one of the few hip-hop masterpieces of the new century. From the sublime soul of "False Media" and "Baby" to the aggressive flow of "Here I Come" and "In the Music," The Roots can simply do no wrong on this disc. ?uestlove's drums are more prevalent than ever, Black Thought's rhymes are excessively verbose, and the music couldn't be more pleasing. This is a rare triumph of artistry and mass appeal, and it cements The Roots as a truly legendary act.

1. Dilltastic Vol Won(derful) mp3
2. False Media mp3
3. Game Theory mp3
4. Don't Feel Right mp3
5. In The Music mp3
6. Take It There mp3
7. Baby mp3
8. Here I Come mp3
9. Long Time
10. Livin' In A New World
11. Clock With No Hands
12. Atonement
13. Can't Stop This

Released August 2006