The Radiators - Wild & Free (2 CDs)


If there's been one constant in American Rock & Roll in the last 30 years it's The Radiators. This New Orleans based quintet has either been touring or recording over this entire time frame. Still consisting of original members Ed Volker, Dave Malone, Camile Baudoin, Reggie Scanlan and Frank Bua Jr., this band is as relevant today as when they first started out. Now, for the first time, they have gone back through the vaults and put together a retrospective that covers all the stages of their career, highlighting live performances and rare studio recordings of their all-time classics, as well as offering unreleased gems. In addition they've recorded two new tracks "Where Was You At?" and "Girl With The Golden Eyes" specifically for this 2 CD compilation. In true Rads fashion, both of these tunes are staples in the band's live repertoire and are already fan favorites. One listen to this CD and you'll know why "Wild & Free" is not only a great song but also describes the Rads way of life.

Disc 1:
1 Wild and Free(4:34) mp3 sample
2 House of Blue Lights (4:13) mp3 sample
3 Suck the Head, Squeeze the Tip (7:16) mp3 sample
4 Oh Beautiful Loser (4:11) mp3 sample
5 Love Trouble (3:25) mp3 sample
6 Where Was You At? (5:49) mp3 sample
7 My Home Is On The Border (5:28) mp3 sample
8 Like Dreamers Do (6:21) mp3 sample
9 Fever Dream (3:14)
10 Hard Core (5:57)
11 Cupid's Got A Mighty Arrow (3:58)
12 I Want To Go Where The Green Arrow Goes (5:27)
13 Songs From The Ancient Furnace (11:24)

Disc 2:
1 The Girl With The Golden Eyes(4:55)
2 Hard Time Train (5:54)
3 Have A Little Mercy (4:01)
4 One-Eyed Jack(5:20)
5 Doctor Doctor(5:30)
6 The Forever Man (3:49)
7 Strangers (6:22)
8 Stand By Me, Baby (4:49)
9 When Her Snake Eyes Roll (2:41)
10 All Meat Off The Same Bone (6:18)
11 Hard Rock Kid (3:22)
12 Last Getaway(3:00)
13 Tear My Eyes Out (6:40)
14 King Solomon Don't Mind (3:24)
15 Red Dress (7:22)

Released June 2008