The Malah - Sound Spectrum CD

The Malah deliver more of their block-rocking, naturally ambient sound on this 75 minute epic! This album's 10 tracks comprise a mind-massaging menagerie of seamless instrumental artistry. Ideas and themes change subtly, creating different atmospheres but always adhering to each other in the neatest possible way. This Greenville, SC trio is harvesting organically delicious sounds from a fertile musical outpost in the far reaches of electronic space!

1- Saturday mp3 sample
2- Yorokobu mp3 sample
3- Up On This mp3 sample
4- Counting Days mp3 sample
5- Moving Earth mp3 sample
6- Europa mp3 sample
7- Back mp3 sample
8- Reality mp3 sample
9- O2 Nature
10- Low & Behold

Released August 2008