The Herbaliser - Same As It Never Was CD

Blending hip-hop, sampled breaks, and jazz, The Herbaliser have, with their five Ninja Tune full lengths, remained stalwarts of the creative downtempo scene for more than a decade. Their inimitable formula has been slowly refined, culminating with 2002's Something Wicked This Way Comes. Same As It Never Was is a brand new effort, and the first with the group's new five piece line-up, including lead vocalist Jessica Darling.

It's clear that The Herbaliser's evolution is still in progress. As the title suggests, Same As It Never Was sees The Herbaliser employing more of a live band sound (indicative of their transition from a duo to a five piece), showing that they can produce scratchy funk to rival groups like the Dap Kings. With guest vocalists including Jean Grae of the Okayplayer camp and their signature knack for reflective songs that still bump, it's clear that more than ten years into their history, The Herbaliser's sonic trajectory is still picking up steam.

01- Same As It Never Was mp3
02- On Your Knees (feat Jessica Darling) mp3
03- Just Won't Stop (feat Yungun Aka Essa) mp3
04- The Next Spot mp3
05- Can't Help This Feeling (feat Jessica Darling) mp3
06- Amores Bongo mp3
07- Street Karma (A Cautionary Tale) (feat Jean Grae) mp3
08- You're Not all That (feat Jessica Darling) mp3
09- Blackwater Drive
10- Game Set & Match (feat More Or Les)
11- Clap Your Hands (feat Jessica Darling)
12- Stranded on Earth (feat Jessica Darling)

Released May 27, 2008